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Enhance The Cut Depth And Width By Tools For CNC Milling

Enhance The Cut Depth And Width By Tools For CNC Milling

When milling pockets, facing, profiling and other machining operation, the depth and width of cut are crucial variables. Apart from the capabilities of the CNC milling machine, the material and descriptions of the tool to be used are also important variables for determining the feeds and speeds. The cut depth and cut width simply define the quality and efficiency of the CNC machine. The cut depth and cut width are tough to do manually. You can stick to a rule of thumb for this process, but the problem is, you may miss out on the optimal cut depth and width for certain projects.

The supply chain of CNC machining companies is vital as it is important to maintain the highest quality of production at all costs and also be readily available. Precision CNC machining China created a reliance by providing adaptable, flexible, and competitive domestic CNC milling system. Cut depth and width are the two important factors of CNC milling machines that can be optimized by different tools.

Enhance cut depth and cut width by using G-wizard’s cut optimizer:

The cut optimizer is an extremely popular part of G-wizard. Now, the G-optimizer only has a cut optimizer for CNC milling. This optimizer is easy to use. While holding either a cut depth or cut width constant, it optimizes other variables.


For instance, you need to machine slot that is deep up to 1’ with a cutter, which is the slot’s diameter. You hold cut width constant, but the cut depth is the variable to be optimized. This cut optimizer calculates the deepest cut which is taken without creating excessive tool deflection.

Another example is, you are profiling a wall and suppose to do a single pass instead of stepping down for multiple passes. You need this as the wall finish looks prettier without the visibility of the step. And spreads the wear over a flute length longer, means that toll will last longer. In this way, cut depth is the constant variable. On the other hand, the cut width is optimized by G-wizard.

Enhance cut depth and cut width by using CADCAM wizards:

In simple words, the CADCAM wizard is for finding optimal parameters for pocketing CNC milling. The CADCAM Wizard is a tool that determines the best cut depth or cut width. These wizards are very powerful and simpler to use. CADCAM wizard has a feature of the G-wizard calculator, which is accessible by the CADCAM tab. The CAM software tells the need of a cut recipe, like how to generate a toolpath of CNC milling to cut a particular feature:


  • Feeds and speeds
  • Which tool to use
  • Enhance cut depth and width

Moreover, for the optimization, you need the recipe to address roughing and finishing both without reporting any assistant. The CADCAM wizard puts some amazing power at fingertips to optimize the cut depth and cut width.


These two tools are very unique and more scientific to optimize cut depth and cut width. G-wizard calculator also has CADCAM wizards, which optimize cut width for 3D profiling toolpath of CNC milling. This is easy as it uses all the similar principles. These software tools of optimization are easy, quick, the cycle times are shorter and durable.

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